Owling is the New Planking!!!

Just a few days ago, I have blogged about this PLANKING thing saying it is the new trend, well, i guess time had passed me by. Facebook has a new PHOTO TREND called OWLING. But what is this Owling craze that people are going crazy about?

Owling is very similar to planking, you do it in an unusual place and take a photo of yourself. BUT! The big difference is the pose you make, obviously. When you plank, you lie straight on the ground…or whatever 🙂 While when you ‘owl,’ you perch like an owl, very simple, that’s why it’s called OWLING. 🙂 Got that?? So if you want to look hip, imitate an owl and have someone take a photo of you. NICE.

This is a very interesting photo :> One is planking and the other is owling. hahahaha! It’s like an owl staying still on a platform. I think these kinds of poses need a lot of SKILLS and of course, CONFIDENCE.

This is Allison Smith.  She is believed to have started this internet meme saying, “OWLING because planking is so two months ago.” Very brave Ms. Smith! And creative, too. 🙂 I wonder what the next buzz will be because time FLOWS in a rapid speed.

This blogging thing about Planking and Owling gave me an idea of starting a new fad! But I think no one will be interested in following my footsteps, oh well. 🙂 I also hear a lot of contests on Facebook which give away cash prizes to the most liked PLANKING PHOTO. Only now can I say that Planking is upload-worthy. haha:P

Here are some other Photos of people OWLING:

Do you like it? I KNOW YOU DO! Try it some time. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Owling is the New Planking!!!

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