PLANKING: A New Trend?

Well, Planking is actually a GAME. Yes, a game. It  was said that this originated in the 90’s, imagine that.

A game wherein the “plankers” will lie down facing the ground in an unusual place and have it photographed then uploaded in the internet. I really don’t have to explain more, you can easily figure that out just by looking at the picture above. That guy is really outrageous planking with his head IN A TOILET. That is something no ordinary person would do, only people with PASSION FOR PLANKING. that’s just too much 😛

The PLANKING CRAZE has already gotten to my school. The picture above is taken, of course, inside my school by an alumni. “pag walang magawa gumaya!” translates as, ‘if you’re bored, then just do what they do!’ is the photo’s original caption.  Looks like people will go with the flow even if they’ll look ridiculous. 🙂 PEACE OUT.

Right now, I’m actually thinking of doing the same thing, WeirdMe. haha. The one that hinders me from planking is because it looks PAINFUL, and I hate being in pain.

I guess the tough guys are into it too. This ‘Plank Hunt‘ of mine made my day. Some photos were really funny but some are just disgusting. I don’t really mind looking at it, that’s their trip to follow.

The craze is slowly taking hold across all Asia, and although it is not the most amusing and inviting pose any person can do, two Taiwanese girls had used this to gain attention. Good thing, they use to promote causes such as planking with stray dogs for animal care or planking in famous tourist spots to invite people in their country. A very productive way of using such a fad.


No different from any other game in the world, planking has its safety precautions too. A man is in coma because of planking. The man is twenty-year old Simon Hallam. He was planking on the roof of his friend’s car when suddenly the driver braked, giving Hallam a head-first  crash onto the ground. Another man was reported dead after participating in the craze.

P L A N K I N G? well, lets make sure the location is safe and you’re in good shape.

God bless♥


2 thoughts on “PLANKING: A New Trend?

  1. thanks for all these info you’ve been blogging on. i wouldn’t know any of these terminologies otherwise. truly enjoy your blog!

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