This is so random

I haven’t blogged for almost a month now and I’m sorry. There aren’t any interesting events in my life this summer for I am a boring person and I don’t get out of the house, the main reason being that there’s no one who wants to hang out with me which brings us back to the fact that I am, in no doubt, a boring person. Don’t worry yourselves though, i have accepted that fact years before.

Anyway, I got my grades for the last term and I was debating if I should post it or not, obviously I decided on the latter. My grades were lower compared to the first two terms so I decided to not post it, I’m embarrassed about it. It’s not that there was a drastic change but I just failed to push it further in order to meet my scholarship requirements. But, I still managed to get a 25% scholarship. That’s a good side, right? Yeah, that’s what I tell myself.

Moving on, I have been reading a lot of fanfictions on the internet since summer break started and since then I always slept late, in which late means the sun rising in full bloom. It’s just that I can’t help myself, okay! If I started reading something, I had to finish it no matter what! It fascinates me how i feel bored all the time but still keep myself awake doing the same things everyday. I wanna go out but I know that once I’m out of the house, I’ll be wanting to go back within a few hours or minutes. This had happened before. 😛

OH! I haven’t blogged the thing we did last month. I was planning on blogging about it but I got lazy, as always. 😀 But now’s not the time to laze around!

Do we look happy? Yes? Coz we are! This was a birthday party for the one wearing the green shirt and also a despedida for her because she’s moving to Cagayan de Oro. I was sad about it but I chose not to show it because I do not like crying and I am definitely sure that if one of us starts, then we’ll all end up sobbing. LOL. 😛

That slipper was not intentionally added to make this scene picturesque. I kid, I kid. 😛

These are my bestest of best friends! 🙂 Unfortunately, as I said above, the girl in brown is moving in Cagayan while the girl in black won’t be studying in the same college anymore. Which means, only I and the one in white will stay. I will definitely miss this. *weeps*

This blog entry has been so random! I started talking about how boring I am to how frustrated I was about my grades then to how my sleeping patterns have changed dramatically to a swimming I had with my friends! Oh well, that’s just me. I am very random and weird. But I think that’s just fine coz those people above still like me. 🙂 I think that’s enough for me.