Last Day of 2013

So, this will be my last post for this year, 2013!!! (obviously lol)

I haven’t posted anything in 3 months and i’m so sorry for that. This blog entry will contain all the important events that happened in my 2013. Not all of them may seem important to you but they are to me because these will be the things that made me feel happy, sad, important and all different emotions.

Let’s start!

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These photos were taken in January during my Tito and Lola’s birthday. Their bdays aren’t on the same day but the family just decided to spend on one day cause it’s more convenient for everyone since we don’t live near one another. I don’t actually remember anything in particular about this day. We just skyped with my Titos in the US and the kids were playing, oh they were really enjoying the time cause it’s not that often that they see each other. And as for me.. well, I think I ate a lot.. like i always do during family gatherings. πŸ™‚

16471_615010458516372_933328408_n 546808_615018295182255_360985748_n 307426_3803236379779_1839313766_n

This was on Valentine’s Day! I don’t have a boyfriend so I just spent it at school with friends. The first photo was taken inside my school. The Student Council at that time held a movie marathon so we decided to go because we actually have nothing else to do. The other two photos were taken inside the Eastwood Mall. They had like a special “event” (idk what it’s called, sorry) for chocolates and so we went there then took a picture behind that heart thingy. πŸ˜› The mall was actually just in front of my school… Valentine’s was a lazy day for us. Haha. πŸ˜€

OH! The SC also had this BINGO contest thing and my friend won so she treated us some McDonald’s πŸ™‚


See!! McLovin’ πŸ™‚

487596_630069280343823_1832235512_n 549806_264436540358478_528123445_n


My friend and I had the chance to take a picture with Jeric Teng. He went here because he plays for the Informatics Icons for the D-League. They just gave a few encouraging words and hoped that we all support them in the competition. He’s super tall! Or mayber i’m just super short. hahaha πŸ˜› The second pic was taken during the second day of the infolympics. I was reading “Looking for Alaska” by John Green at the time and I actually brought the book with me as you can see in the picture.


This was our project in Logic Design. Alou and I thought we wouldn’t be able to finish this one because we didn’t pay that much attention in this class (sorry, sir Tacs :D) but fortunately, we managed to complete it and make it work. Alou was going through a hard time during the making of this project so I had to be more understanding and patient with her. Hi Alou! LOL.

922809_450912981651374_193561006_n 544316_450912641651408_1961758518_n

I don’t remember if this was a fieldtrip or a team-building event.. but it was fun πŸ™‚ We got to swim after we went through all the obstacle courses. Then I actually got to touch a cow or a sheep or a carabao’s back… I don’t know what it’s called.. but it was something on it’s back which was similar to a camel’s but it was so soft when you touch it. It looked hard but it’s not.. get it? Haha πŸ˜›

44821_645177618832989_1809772729_n 65656_645189838831767_1807464311_n 417869_645172262166858_1658430142_n 931344_645181168832634_1053030175_n

This was a despedida party for my friend, Honeyme and also a birthday party for her. Well, it was a party for the gang πŸ˜€ She was going to leave to Mindanao and stay there for good with her family. I was sad this day because my bestfriend was leaving and I don’t know when we’ll be able to see each other again. We did have lots of fun this day but I think I also cried after a few days because I was going to be away with my friend. ugh. the emotions. πŸ˜₯ We still do stay in contact. πŸ™‚



1st photo: Taken at the entrance of Pizza Hut Eastwood. It was my friend’s birthday and she treated us. She’s actually not in the photo above… LOL. I’m such a bad friend. But I couldn’t find a better picture! She would understand. AHahaha πŸ˜›

2nd photo: We were having a photoshoot for our project in Photoshop class. We had to make a poster with a theme, and our theme was…. nothing really… just students wearing their uniforms. πŸ˜€ lol. we aren’t that creative. The posters were hung on the first floor of the school building. I don’t know if I should be happy about that or embarrassed.

1040662_627020547310809_953038927_o 1064599_627022153977315_208037504_o

These are my high school friends πŸ™‚ I forgot where this was though… :/ I think we drove for 4 hours or more just to get here. We left at dawn and we still haven’t arrived at the location when the sun showed up.

It was still a fun day πŸ™‚ This was a treat by my friend’s parents πŸ™‚


Me with our project in Physics 2! It got lights inside the house and around the front part. We worked really hard for this! :))))

1234195_3334174289568_796268940_n 1236463_3334177969660_2085107425_n

My cousin’s debut! (18th birthday) First picture’s with friends from hs and the second one’s a family picture. πŸ™‚ She doesn’t have a phone because she refused to have one but on this day, she wasn’t able to refuse because it was a gift for her. :)) Now, she never lets anyone use it. Haha.


Now, this one’s on my debut! We didn’t have lots of pics so I just chose this one πŸ™‚ It’s the best one.


With friends during Beer Fest at Eastwood. I don’t know remember if this was on September or October tho.. I was with 2 of my hs friends.. they were the ones who took this pic. Hehe. πŸ˜€

883531_610457668992852_1566568199_o 1382860_644450522242765_791066049_n

Mary’s surprise birthday party! 18th! We were told to wear casual clothes but they wore dresses!!!! traitors! lol. But it’s okay, Mary wore a shirt and a pair of jeans. πŸ˜€ We belong.

999794_10201091878835147_890328091_n 1487389_10201091859474663_822538312_n

Christmas Day! πŸ˜€ (other relatives are there too… lol)

And an addition to my life….


Team B from YG Entertainment. They have not debuted yet but BGolds and Watermelons are waiting for them!

From left to right: Kim HanBin, Kim JinHwan, Song YunHyeon, Kim JiWon, Kim DongHyuk, Goo JunHoe

now… random pics. :)))

16488_563210540356189_1295074886_n 480405_590623770955041_550488810_n 906724_10200394380118769_335226372_o 1380762_10200641424254064_1973612060_n

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Image Detail

Just yesterday i watched this movie online because that’s an assignment for my Health class. Our topic was about crimes like domestic violence which the movie above greatly explained. And to add, we also talked about being abused…or something like that. So here’s my review about it..(this was to relate to our topic and not mainly about the movie).

The movie is full of violence and foul language so it is kind of disturbing to watch.Β  For me, it mostly talked about family issues and how a person can do something wrong because of their personal reasons.

From the start of the movie when Nicole Kidman forbade her daughter to go the party because she’ll be accompanied by a bad influence, I saw that parents really know the best for their child. If Kidman just let her go there, she could just be taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Another thing I learned from the movie is to always be cautious of the people who enter our house because at any time, crimes can happen. In the movie, they thought they were just policemen trying to protect them from intruders but they turned out to be the real burglars. We have to always be careful.

The people who tried to rob them were actually facing their own problems which caused them to do a heist. One was facing a family problem and the other was dealing with his emotions. They turned out to be the bad guys because they tried to make a solution for their problems.

Even though it was a movie that shows violence it still has its good values. Like in the end, how Nicolas cage tried to sacrifice himself just to save his wife and his daughter. It shows also that family is a very important thing for everyone.

Divorce Bill: Aprub Ka Ba?

Ang Pilipinas ay isang malayang bansa kaya walang problema kung maipasa man ang Divorce Bill sa ating bayan. Iyan marahil ay isa sa mga rason ng mga mambabatas kung bakit ibinabalik na naman nila ang isang panukalang batas na matagal nang hindi makapasa-pasa dito sa Pilipinas. Isa tayo sa mga nalalabing bansa na hindi aprub sa divorce dahil sa mangilan-ngilan na dahilan.

Una, dahil tayo ay isang Kristiyanong bansa. Bilang mga Kristiyano, sagrado ang tingin natin sa kasal. Tayo ay humaharap sa ating Diyos at sumusumpa sa Kanya. Malaki ang ating pagpapahalaga sa simbahan at sa anumang pahayag nila ukol sa kahit anong isyu ng bansa. At ang Salita ng Diyos ay isang napakabanal na bahagi mg ating pagka-Pilipino, kaya’t iyon ay ating sinusunod.

Pangalawa, ang ating pagpapahalaga sa pamilya. Ang ating pamilya ang pinakamahahalagang tao sa atin. Kung ito ay masisira, malaki rin ang posibilidad na ang buhay ng mga anak ay mawawalan ng saysay. Tungkulin ng ama at ina na maalagaan ang kanilang mga anak at hindi sapat ang rason na maalagaan naman sila kahit na ang mga magulang ay hiwalay na.

Pangatlo, upang pigilan ang imoralidad. Kung ang Divorce Bill ay maaaprubahan, siguradong susunod na dyan ang RH Bill at ang same-sex marriage. Mula sa tinakasang pangako sa Diyos, patungo sa pagkawalang hiya at sagarang paglimot sa Kanyang kagustuhan.

Ito na nga marahil ang nakikitang sagot ng ating mga lider upang tayo ay makaahon sa kahirapan at sa pangmamaliit ng ibang bansa. Isang hakbang na maaring magalis ng ating pagkakakilanlan. Ang ating pagka-Pilipino ay kalilimutan para lang makahabol sa β€˜trend’ ng mga dayuhang bansa.

Kung atin nga namang titingnan, hindi pa naaprubahan ang divorce bill pero maraming personalidad na ang may pamilya sa iba’t ibang babae at lalaki. Sangkatutak ang mga anak kahit na ang ina o ama ng batang iyon ay hindi niya asawa. Isang magandang halimbawa ay ang dati nating pangulo, si Joseph Estrada. May anak siya sa tatlong magkakaibang babae at hindi natin alam kung meron pang susunod diyan.

Ang sikat na si Kris Aquino ay may anak kay Philip Salvador at James Yap. At hiwalay din siya sa dalawang lalaking iyan at huwag nating kalimutan na ang kanyang ina ay isang napakarelihiyosong Pilipino. Sa mga halimbawang iyan nawawalan ng saysay ang ating mga dahilan kung bakit hindi dapat ipatupad ang divorce sa bansa.

Ngunit anu pa man ang humadlang at ibigay ng iba na rason para gawing ligal ang diborsyo sa ating bayan, mas malaking porsyento pa rin nating mga Pilipino ang hindi sasang-ayon dito. Isa tayong malaya at demokratikong bansa ngunit mas binibigyang halaga natin ang sabi ng mas marami. Ang Divorce Bill ay dapat ng kalimutan at huwag ng balikan pa.