My New Obsessions

I have not blogged for a while now… it’s been so busy with all the school activities, projects, exams, events, everything! But with all those busy-ness, i was able to find new interests.

First: 5 Seconds of Summer!

5sos2from left to right: Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford.

They’re a band from Australia(woohoo) and i actually knew them because of One Direction, i am a directioner if you don’t know 🙂

Liking this band made me feel like i’m an old lady because only Ashton is older than me! I feel like a pedophile to be honest. Speaking of being honest, i prefer their music than 1D’s. We all cannot deny that 1D’s music is ‘bubblegum’.. i don’t even know the right term for it, but 5SOS’ music is pop rock. I quite enjoy it. Another, I like them because they’re almost the same age as me which makes them relatable, to me to say the least. These boys are gorgeous and that’s also a factor. 🙂

Oh! Before i forget, i actually thought Calum was Asian and that’s why i followed him on twitter(he was the first one i followed). Then as i was googling things about them, i found out that Calum hated it when people think he’s Asian. I was a bit sad and offended because i’m Asian (Filipino) but i’m not gonna judge him just because of that. I know he’s not shallow nor close-minded to hate a race. 🙂 Calum’s my fave. He’s my baby boy. 🙂

And to finish off, they play instruments. Enough said. No, it isn’t. I like boys who play instruments and can sing. They all can sing! I love it. I love this band. Thanks, 1D!

Second: Paramore and Fall Out Boy



Don’t get me wrong, i have known these bands for a long time now but only now have i realized how much i like their music. I enjoy them. Very much. I have my own concerts in the house singing their songs 😛 Up to this day. 🙂 I still have not grown tired of them and i probably won’t ever.

I like the ‘before‘ Paramore and the current Paramore. I don’t care if people say Still Into You is corny because  I actually enjoy listening to it. Specially that acoustic version they did in LA (I think). I like their sound from before and from now. They’ll be around for long. 🙂

Now, Fall Out Boy. 🙂 When i was younger, i didn’t like this band. I can’t remember why, i just didn’t. But then, one day, I was watching MTV and their song ‘The Phoenix’ came on and i thought it was really cool. So i searched for it on Youtube and i got obsessed. I listened to it for weeks. Then, i found out about the song Sugar, We’re Going Down and once again, i found a new addiction. Yay me!

Third: ROAR!

katyI edited this image and i’m sorry for my poor photoshop skills! And yes, this is about Katy Perry’s new single, Roar. I like this song because of its message. Just a few weeks ago, i watched Katy’s movie about her life while she’s on tour and how she handles her personal and pubic life. I’m not what you can call a ‘fan‘ but that movie was touching and inspirational. I bet her fans loved her even more because i did.

Last but not the least, Fourth: Bamboo

bambsThis is Bamboo Mañalac. He is considered a rock icon legend in my country, Philippines. He is currently one of the coaches in The Voice Philippines. And to me, he is one attractive man. Woohoo. And he’s got a voice that can rule the world. He is so rock n’ roll. Wow, i sound cheesy and corny. or do i? haha.

Bamboo was the vocalist of Rivermaya (one of the best bands in the country) and the band Bamboo. There’s not much i could say about him right now because i’m still in the process of discovering the greatness that is him. I’ll leave you with his cover of A Team and an original by Rivermaya, 214.

These are the people i obsessed over while trying to balance time for all the school works i have. They gave me peace at times where my brain seemed to refuse to function well. I did not include 1D in this because they are a given. 🙂 Till next time.