A thing i like

i think i have a thing for tragic and sad stories. i dont know why but i like to write those kinds of stuff and read them, too. my favorite movie is A Walk To Remember based from the book by Nicholas Sparks, it’s a sad story and even though i’ve watched it a hundred times, i still cry on certain parts of it. i really can’t explain why i enjoy the angst in all of those.

i’m saying this because if i’m gonna write another story, i guarantee that it will be a sad one or maybe just a little twist to it. i really don’t like predictable endings. as much as i like Perks Of Being A Wallflower, i haven’t even reached the middle of the film, i already knew how it’s gonna end. i read the book after watching the book and i suggest that NO ONE do that! make sure that you read the book first before watching the movie. well, that’s my opinion.

the last thing i read was 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and i recommend it to every teenager out there, also those in their early twenties… 🙂 i just really don’t think Selena Gomez would be a fitting actress for the lead role, Hannah Baker. the movie isn’t out on the cinemas yet and i don’t know if they’re shooting it already. i just heard of this just to make things clear.

now, may we all have a great summer!


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