Term 3

On Monday, the third term of my first semester in college will start. I don’t know if i should be excited about it or be nervous. This last week of my holiday vacation is a total bore. I sleep at 5 in the morning then wake up in the afternoon. I even have insomnia! pft. I just hope when classes resume, i won’t have to deal with this insomnia. I also went to school to get my grades. The first day, i only got the grades for 7 subjects (i have 9), i was so frustrated because that means i have to come back. So… i came back the next day, which also left me frustrated because only 1 out of the 2 subjects left was given. But the good thing was that they had let us pick our schedules and enroll, though we still need to come back. I have to apply for scholarship that’s why i need to have my complete grades. >.<

Sorry for the rant. ^_^ lol.

And oh, when school starts, i might not update True Love Waits that often.


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