i don’t express…

i don’t express my true feelings often………….because i’m afraid to.

i don’t know why but i’m always too afraid to give people the response they wouldn’t like. i’m always driven by the thought that they would think bad of me. yes, i can express who i am to my friends and to God, but i have difficulties being myself to someone who’s older or who has more authority than i do. sometimes, i feel too intimidated because i think they are smarter and just better than i am. another is that i feel shy around people that aren’t younger or the same age as me.  and last but not the least, i don’t want to disappoint them.

some people expect a lot from me. i remember when my Chemistry teacher told me that i was his prospect as student leader. i’m not very competitive myself. i do care for my studies and a lot of different things but i can’t handle too much responsibilities. i’m not as outstanding as i think or as they think i can be.

because of those expectations thrown unto me, i got this habit of telling people what they want to hear from me and not what i really want to tell them. it’s really hard to get over this. i know people might tell me to just be confident and express myself but i also know that it’s easier said than done.

i just wanna be me. and be happy.

buti pa nga si Budoy laging happy, sana ako rin. 😦 🙂

well then, this has been my blog entry for March 25, 2012.


NOTE: see the last sentence? that was 5 days before my HS graduation. the reason why i did not post this is because i was afraid to. afraid that someone i know might be reading my blog.

i was feeling so bad because i have disappointed a lot. mostly because they expected too much from me. 

but i’ve moved on. i’m all happy now.


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