A Place In Time by Jessica Concha

Uhuh. the title tells everything. well, not all 😛

It has been a few months ago since I finished reading Jessica Concha’s A Place In Time. One thing I kind of regretted before reading it was asking my friend to tell me the story and who’s who. But yeah, that just made me want to read the story myself more.

I’m not planning on summarizing the story. Instead, I’ll just tell you its aftermaths. Yes, reading A Place In Time has its effects.

From the first 4 stories by Concha that I’ve read, APIT had the best Chapter 1…or whatever you call it. Hahaha. (I don’t know if it is an introduction or a prologue. Sarreeehh :P) ——> Back to what I was saying, yeah, Chapter 1 of APIT captivated me after its first 3 paragraphs. I don’t know why, it just sounded so interesting to me. It kept me reading.

It only took me 2-4 days reading the first 3 stories(I read the fourth one after APIT, that’s another story :P) but I read APIT for more than a week, that’s for sure! It was because I didn’t want it to end yet so I kept myself from finishing it. And also because I was so sure I’ll be crying (though I told my friends I’ll never cry over fictional stories).


NOTE: this was last edited on April 3, 2012. i forgot to post it. and yeah, APIT is still the best. thumbs up to Ms. Jessica Concha. 🙂

i did cry though….

and i don’t know if the sequel ended already… the last chapter i read was 40-ishhh.


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