YssehjAndrae stole my story

yes, that’s her name. (i don’t know if this person is M or F)

i was searching on google when i just thought that, “hey, i wanna search my stories” then i did.

i first searched for Bisita, Mahal Na Ata Kita. then i was stunned to see that it wasn’t me who was addressed as the author of the story. It was on wattpad. and i have a wattpad. and i also posted that story on wattpad. i am not active on wattpad as i am here.

what stunned me more is that, she also posted and stole TRUE LOVE WAITS. every single chapter is there! and worse, it was posted on my birthday.

i do not who you are but i hope you read this. PLEASE STOP. i do not know if you have addressed me as the author, but if not, please do. i spent time writing those. although TLW isn’t finished, i still hold every right to it.

i do not hesitate to do this because i know i have the right to claim what’s mine.

i hope YssehjAndrae reads this as soon as possible. It’s either you address me as the author or delete all my stuff on my wattpad account.



see this. that’s not my wattpad account.


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