Grow old with……..myself.

at 2:00 am today, October 31,2012, i had the courage to listen to Little Things by One Direction written by Ed Sheeran. The result of my bravery was awfully brilliant.

The first time i heard it, i cried because of Niall’s solo. He sang it like he meant every single word in it. The second time i listened to it, i cried once again for the song itself. The third time listening to it, i cried for the last time because i it made me realize that no guy would love me like that. Painful but true.

So yeah, i rejoice for the master piece that is Ed Sheeran. And the boys sang it beautifully.

Maybe I should stop fangirling to any band. It just takes away my social skills. I have no RL friends that also fangirls over the boys. Maybe I should start having a life. Maybe then, I’ll meet someone who’ll love my little things.

Little Things is an awfully brilliant song that makes every girl feel loved but also makes girls, like me, feel bad about themselves.  I love the song, don’t get me wrong, it’s just…..i’m not something special.

SOOOOO, i recommend everyone to listen to Little Things. 🙂 It is a great song.

“But I’ll love them endlessly…..

But you’re perfect to me…..

Coz it’s you…..they add up to….”


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