someone found my blog through facebook. i think i should remove that link from my about me so people won’t see my blog. lol. haha 😛

that’s only because i accept anyone. as in anyone i don’t know. so yeahhh….


and i just want to say thank you to the people who are still reading that short story and the unfinished love story. i think i won’t ever be able to continue that one because i lost interest. the people who inspired me to write that aren’t my classmates anymore.

yeah, it was supposed to be my birthday gift to my bestfriend. (it was all just for fun) but then i wasn’t able to finish it on time. 😦 good thing she didn’t get disappointed. (well, of course, it was all for laughs)

i still have school tomorrow. so i have to sleep now. 🙂

night night 🙂

october 28, 2012.


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