Cyber Martial Law

Remember when i posted “NoyNoy, are we really your boss?”..?

I don’t think you do but let me just tell you that tomorrow, we may get our answer to that. 

CyberCrime Law(or bill) shall be approved tomorrow. 13 senators and our very own president PNoy voted to pass the bill. 

Before PNoy was president of the country he said, “Kayo ang boss ko” (You are my boss). You pertaining to us, Filipinos but tomorrow, that line is to be broken.

His father, Ninoy Aquino, died to give voice to Filipinos but then NoyNoy seems to be aiming for our mouths to be shut. 

If you know what that law stands for, i assure you that you will fight against it too. 

Tomorrow is not just another day. 

(sucks that it’s happening on my mother’s birhtday-__-)


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