okay, so the music video has been released and all the directioners are freaking out about it. this post might be late but i did stay up all night for it. just, it’s now that i wanted to blog about it.

well, i only watched a few parts of the music video and i think it’s quite fun. i’m a directioner too but to be real honest, i don’t like songs that talk about sex, one night stands or hook ups or whatever people call it. and Live While We’re Young is just about that. okay, okay, the tune is nice but i’d listen to any of the songs from their first album instead of their new single. i know they worked hard for it and i respect that, but i also have the right to choose the music i want to listen to.

if directioners will ever read this, well, it doesn’t matter if you call me a directionater for this cause i’m still a directioner whatever you say.

i actually expected their music to be more mature not more sexual. i expected them to be releasing songs with a lot more substance not “I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love” 

i do not see them to be what mothers would expect from a disney teen star, a role model. but i did expect them to more encouraging or rather inspirational because the story of how the got to where they are right now is very motivating. but maybe i was wrong about everything. they are the band they want to be and i’m just a blogger so definitely i know nothing.

now, i will really lower my expectations when i would come to a point that i will like a singer because i might just get what i didn’t ask for.

so…..bye, for now.


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