it’s been a long time…..

yeah it is.

and the reason why? because i’ve been so obsessed with One Direction. LOL.

i just wanted to make a new post since it’s the last day of May(according to my time). I live in the Philippines by the way if you’re confused as to why it’s already May 31st. haha 🙂 just wanted to clear things up.

so yeah, I AM A DIRECTIONER. and i was sad because i wasn’t able to go to the fan party for the directioners because i knew about it too late.

the boys are on tour to a place very far from where live which gives me another reason to be sad. i’m not rich you know to be able to buy a plane ticket. LOL.

yesterday, i just got to watch this Animated Fanfic made by a guy directioner and it was so hilarious and well-made. Savan and Anne Cox already saw it. i wonder if the boys also saw it too. 🙂 🙂 because that would be awesome!!!

these past few weeks i’ve been on twitter and tumblr too much.

and yeah, that thing that sydney dalton  did….yeah, that was hilarious too. don’t really know why she did that and i’m gonna say this from the bottom of my heart, i do not hate her. 

okay, so uhm, is this entertaining enough? LOL. but i’m just really surprised that some people are still able to find this blog of mine and check through it. and actually read something from it. 🙂 🙂

so this has been my blog entry from May 31, 2012.


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