Love at first sight

Love At First Sight.

Did this happen to you? Like, ever?

Does love at first sight mean true love or just temporary love? Well, who knows…

I’ve watched some movies that had let me see how a person can fall in love with another just by a glimpse. That’s love at first sight to me. I can’t remember the titles of those movies or maybe dramas but I still remember those moments. And like any other fictional love stories, the person who fell at first sight lived happily ever after with his love.

But when I see those moments on tv, I still have this question in mind: How do they know if it’s love?

How can they determine that that person will be the love of their life? How can they be so sure of such feeling? And can it be that it’s only because of their hormones? Yeah, all these questions pop into my mind when talking about love at first sight.

I don’t really believe in love at first sight because I know for sure that  it is not love yet but just an attraction. You were just attracted to the person’s physical appearance, don’t you question because we all know it’s true. There may be some who really look at someone’s attitude and character but we cannot the fact that most people judge by how we look physically. That’s something I’m certain because I’m human too and I have done it too.

Boys rate girls and girls rate boys. Others say it’s normal and others say it’s rude. For a lot of people, height, weight, color, race and social status matter. And within different cultures, there are different standards. So yeah, culture is a big consideration when it comes to love.

In movies, love at first sight ends in happy endings but in reality, not so much. It isn’t safe to say that you can beat all odds with just one look because maybe you don’t know, you’re the only one fighting. 

It is fine to have your own ‘type‘ but make sure that that someone is willing to build a team with you in your relationship. 


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