Jessica Sanchez has done it again

Hands down to my kababayanJessica Sanchez for another great performance on American Idol Season 11.

I don’t know the song she sang which was Stuttering by Jazmine Sullivan so I was really excited to hear it from both of them (yes, i kind of wanted to compare, SORRY!). I was blown away. I heard it first from Sanchez and I really think she owned that song, like it was made for her. Well, again, she did justice to the song.

In my own opinion, she is by far the best Filipino contestant to join AI. And I am really positive that she’ll be competing in the finals on May. I’m not saying this because i’m a fellow Pinoy but because I can see real talent in her. She is still so young and still has more to learn, so I guess she’ll be better next time we see her on stage. 🙂

More power to you, Jessica Sanchez! We love you ❤

Credits to americanidol (Youtube)


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