Officially…I Bid Goodbye to You, JCA.

Today, I’m officially a High School Graduate. Batch 2011-2012

I have mixed emotions about it though. I’m happy because I have successfully finished my HS but sad at the same time because one of the best parts of my lifetime has now passed and all of it will only be memories for me to remember as I continue to the next stage.

I am excited because in the next few months, I will be entering into a different environment and make friends there but nervous because of the thought that they might not like me and if I can handle the bigger stress and responsibilities in college.

I actually miss my batchmates already because I know that in the incoming school year I won’t see the same faces. I am missing my best friends right at this very moment. Right now is 3:37 AM and I feel so lonely. I have this question in my mind for so long, ‘will be able to meet new best friends in college?‘ ….Yes, i think of that always.

For the past days this week, I have been taking about my graduation and all about those stuff…..and I think this will be the end of it. 🙂 because now,  it’s all HISTORY.


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