Life Without Regrets.

Also today, God told me to live a life without regrets. 

I must abide in His Word. I have done a lot of mistakes and there were lots of times where I regretted doing it. Some happened when I was in Grade School, some when I was younger but a lot was when I was in High School.

The time of growing up is the time where you always want to try new things and take lots of risks. And when consequences follow, we just tend to give up and be losers. But never let that happen to you. Do not regret doing what you did, just repent for your mistakes and learn from them. What’s the use of regretting it when you can’t erase it anymore? 

Regret only means you did not learn from your mistakes. So take all the courage inside of you and face the consequences of what you did. If you hurt someone, swallow your pride and say ‘sorry’, there is no harm in doing that. If you lied, then be the one to admit that you did not tell the truth, I can assure you that you’ll have peace of mind. If you cheated, do what’s right in not doing it again. It is as simple as that.

Learn to love what you have and what you do. Always be contented with what you have. Though you may not have a lot, they will always be enough for you to survive. God gives us what we deserve and what is best for us. And love what you do. Always put effort in every task you’re doing. May it be writing a blog, if you love it you’ll enjoy it  and people who read will enjoy reading it too. It is a way of telling other people what you feel, so if you feel tired, stressed out, relieved, or loved…you can express it through this. And it is very good.

Never be afraid. Just be yourself. Believe in God. You’ll go a long way. 🙂


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