4000th view before graduation, please!

i’m near to reaching my 4000th view. i wish to reach it before i even graduate because i’m gonna be on a vacation this holy week so that means i will not be able to update my blog for 3-5 days. 😦 hahaha 🙂

i just want to have lots of readers and them to talk with me. not because i’m lonely or whatever. i just want to make this blog productive enough. 😛 LOL. do you get me?

and for True Love Waits (the story i am currently writing), it’s almost done actually, i’m just not in the mood to typing it yet. YES, i went old school writing down that story. i made pens ran out of inks and consumed the pages of my Math and Physics notebooks just so i can write everything i had in mind.

haha 🙂 this has been my blog entry for March 26, 2012, Monday. 🙂


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