Katrina Halili is a soon-to-be mom :)

i don’t know if i was truly surprised when 24 oras announced yesterday that sexy star Katina Halili was three months pregnant. but nonetheless, i am happy for her because i can see that she isn’t regretful of having a baby.

i’m not a very huge fan of her but i have always watched her since she was in StarStruck. and i can see how much she evolved as an actress and how much she matured as a person. i don’t know her personally but she’s a public personality so i do notice how she changed throughout her career.

she made a name for herself when she was named as the Sexiest/Finest Woman in the Philippines by FHM for two consecutive times. since then she was given sexy roles, and she’s also known as one of the best kontrabidas in the country. but like any other person, Halili isn’t an exception to making mistakes.

a sex video of her with Hayden Kho(then boyfriend of famous Plastic Surgeon, Vicky Belo) surfaced around the net which tainted her reputation. this actually caused a sudden downfall to her career but received help from different groups and personalities to fight for her rights as a woman.

now, i think Katrina Halili has moved on from that scene in her life. i can see that she isn’t thinking only about herself now but also to the other person in her womb. she deserves respect because she is taking the responsibility to raise that child and not put to abortion.

maybe in the next years to come, we will see a more mature Katrina with a better understanding of things.

and the father of her baby? KRIS LAWRENCE. šŸ™‚ and thank goodness, Kris is ready to take the responsibility as the father of that child. May God bless them both. šŸ™‚


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