i don’t know what to write…at all. :)

right now…i don’t really know what to write. well, i do have something in mind but i don’t have pictures, but maybe writing without pictures is better than not writing at all. 🙂 ryt? haha 😛 or i’ll just add one.

today, we practiced again for our graduation and it’s not near perfection yet. 😦 but i think we’ll be able to do better because that’s OUR graduation. 🙂

and when noon came, we went to my friend’s house. we had our lunch there and it’s really nice spending time with your bestfriends because you can just be yourself and not pretend. around them, i can joke without worrying if i hurt them because we understand and know each other well. i can be my goofiest self with them because they accept me for who i am. i can even fart too loud when my friend’s head is just in front of my butt (and that really happened earlier). we had lots of fun and laugh this day. i actually miss being with all of them because we don’t attend the same class. i’m in glorious  class with some of the friends and the other attend in the victorious class . 

Taken when we were Sophomores 🙂

we came back to school to watch the HULING HIRIT: Finale Clash 2012. that’s a basketball event for the high school students, a two-game event. first, Glorious vs. Victorious (4th year) and Juniors vs. Freshmen&Sophomores. i was not thrilled at this at all, at first 😛 LOL. so much use of at . but when my classmates won against the victorious boys, i was really ecstatic! i jumped up and down not even minding what my juniors will think. 🙂 🙂 i think they understand that we’re just happy about the win. of course, i cheered for them 🙂 but our senior girls lost against the school’s faculty(teachers). but that’s fine. everyone was a sport and that’s the best thing about it. ♥

next week will be our last week as high school students. and we’re making the most out of the time left for us to spend with each other. you don’t know how much you’ll miss them until you attend class and the people you see aren’t the same anymore. I LOVE MY BATCHMATES. 


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