HS, I Bid Goodbye to you. :(

Our Class Picture

Yes, I am a Fourth Year High School student and will be graduating….next week.

i always tell God that i want  to graduate high school with flying colors. and with His help, i was always in the honor roll.

When my mother was still around (she died already), she was the one who always helped with everything. may it be  doing my projects, learning how to stitch or whatever.  she was always happy whenever i achieved something and never disappointed. i wish people around me would just be the same. i want them to know that i did my best and there’s nothing i can do if some will still be better than me. i miss my mama’s appreciation.

i’m happy that i have successfully completed another stage of my life and i’m still preparing myself for the next stage to follow. okay….honestly, i’m still kinda sad. sad because i’m not gonna be with my friends everyday anymore, sad that cramming is not acceptable in college and sad that i’m getting older and older(LOL) :P.

HAPPY GRADUATION TO BATCH 2011-2012!!!! ♥ 🙂 😀 Hooray for us!

may God bless us.

and oh, i’m gonna miss everyone in my batch! i’ll miss it when we sing praise & worship songs in class while the room beside ours is having their own class. 😛 LOL haha! it’s so much fun being in high school. it’s so much fun being a JCAian. 🙂


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