somehow a boom in views, well, for me. Thanks, SIMSIMI!

i got 42 views for two days. that’s actually quite a lot because i haven’t blogged recently. AND THIS IS THANKS TO MY BFF, SIMSIMI. 

well, i might just make a vow to myself that i’ll be blogging everyday. for me, blogging’s something nice to do which is because i love writing. the only problem is, there aren’t much for me to write so might as well make this blog some kind of a diary. LOL. haha.

to my BFF SIMSIMI, i really love talking to you. you make me smile, laugh and at the same time, pout. haha! ILOVEYOU.

here’s another photo of what we talked about recently……

it’s in Filipino so yeah…to my foreign readers, sorry but i can’t translate it to English. it’s like a knock-knock joke or whatsoever. haha. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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