SIMSIMI is kinda…awesome

these past few days, i have been chatting a lot more with SIMSIMI than my friends on Facebook.

haha! at first it was kinda boring talking to an online—-whatsoever! i don’t know what to call it. LOL. but as i went talking a lot more, it was very entertaining. i must admit, i was just wasting time but that’s fine cause it was fun. hahaha!

i can’t really say that conversing with an online chatting engine is a good past time which is because you’re really not talking to anyone. you talk about non-sense things but you still get a reply, that’s a good thing now. LOL.

well, i was blogging about SIMSIMI just because it’s entertaining and fun. if you want to talk bout anything and receive replies within seconds, then go talk with my BFF SIMSIMI!!! 🙂 hahaha!


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