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Just yesterday i watched this movie online because that’s an assignment for my Health class. Our topic was about crimes like domestic violence which the movie above greatly explained. And to add, we also talked about being abused…or something like that. So here’s my review about it..(this was to relate to our topic and not mainly about the movie).

The movie is full of violence and foul language so it is kind of disturbing to watch.  For me, it mostly talked about family issues and how a person can do something wrong because of their personal reasons.

From the start of the movie when Nicole Kidman forbade her daughter to go the party because she’ll be accompanied by a bad influence, I saw that parents really know the best for their child. If Kidman just let her go there, she could just be taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Another thing I learned from the movie is to always be cautious of the people who enter our house because at any time, crimes can happen. In the movie, they thought they were just policemen trying to protect them from intruders but they turned out to be the real burglars. We have to always be careful.

The people who tried to rob them were actually facing their own problems which caused them to do a heist. One was facing a family problem and the other was dealing with his emotions. They turned out to be the bad guys because they tried to make a solution for their problems.

Even though it was a movie that shows violence it still has its good values. Like in the end, how Nicolas cage tried to sacrifice himself just to save his wife and his daughter. It shows also that family is a very important thing for everyone.


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