Free To Express: NOT always.

Art, speech, photos and television dramas are only some of the many forms of freedom of expression. Through those, people are able to express their feelings, creativity and opinion toward a particular subject which catch the attention of the mass. Freedom of expression is simply being free to speak, to write and to interpret our insights and motives.

But what if the word limit is put together with freedom of expression, can we still consider it “freedom” ?

Recently, an art exhibit caught the attention of different religious groups and also the mass. Mideo Cruz, an artist, chose to beat the ordinary with his uncommon way of expression. With the use of the cross, images of Jesus with bloody eyes and dark portraits with a tint of suspense and sadness, he was considered an anti-Christ.

Mideo Cruz freely expressed himself through art, he made use of his rights of freedom of expression but still, people were against his form of creativity.

♥I must admit that I am really against of what he has done because he did make use of his talent and right, but come on, you still do not have the right to disrespect the  belief of others. In the first place, if you want to interpret and tell the public to appreciate and free art, you can do it in way that is not disrespectful and that won’t make a big issue the Philippines.

I watched an interview of Mideo Cruz maybe just a week ago saying something like he just wanted to make the people think. Every person has their own way of thinking and concluding things, therefore, not all of us not think like you do, Mr. Cruz.

This is my way to freely express my say about his matter that has taken the country to another level. I respect everyone and I know that all people are free to say, write and do whatever they feel and think is right.

With all honesty, posting and saying my opinion about that art exhibit was not my plan at all. I was just gonna post the article my Journ adviser told us to do. He told us to write about the limitations of freedom of speech but not to preach. It is just that my Christian heart does not want to defend Mr. Mideo Cruz♥

To continue,

Freedom of expression is to freely express and Cruz was able to do tat but religion and art does not always share the same belief and so, his freedom was limited.

how can people freely express if there is always a limitation and boundary between two different things? Can one still be on the right if he has crossed that boundary that separates things?

Difference in belief, collision of culture and disrespect form the limit of freedom of expression for once you cross those, conflicts and misunderstandings occur.

We have been given this freedom to inspire others and also, to go against them. You are free to do what you want, just be prepared to face the consequences.


What Do You Think?

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