Donita Rose: Being a Christian is Fun, but not just fun, it is Fulfilling.

Photo by Venice Camacho

Donita Rose paid a visit at our school, JCSGO Christian Academy, for our English Fora for the English month, August 1, 2011. It was supposed to be on July 28 but then it was postponed, still I can say that she’s worth the wait. 🙂

Christian Communicator: A Catalyst for Change was the center of  Ms. Donita’s talk and she delivered it well, enough for us to understand what a catalyst is and why Christians should be the greatest communicator of all.

But before we go to the serious talk here are some photos before she entered the Dome:

Donita Shaking hands with our school Steward, Ms. Cynthia Genon

Donita checking a C.A.T Private

Donita checking another Private, making sure if he's serious

Now, let us go back to the talk. 🙂

”Rebellion starts with just a seed,” that is one of the statements that circled my mind once she uttered it.  She definitely knows and understands what a youth like me feels. There are peer pressure, insecurities and vices that surround us everyday, and Donita was not an exception to these. She told us about her teenage years and how strict her parents were at that time.  Although she was already a Christian, a spirit of rebellion grew to her.  She said that she did forbidden things in secret.

Donita is obviously a very beautiful lady and there is no doubt when she said boys surrounded her. Her dad didn’t like it when boys call her so she didn’t accept phone calls from them. But when he’s not around, her obedience disappeared. There is also one thing she tried, it was her first time and unluckily for her that time, she got caught. Her parents sent her to the hospitals and even scared her by saying they’ll send her to a mental hospital.

To make the long story short, at the age of 22, she surrendered her life to God. 🙂 HOW NICE. Donita said, “I wasn’t asking for it, but God was blessing me,” that’s what she could say after surrendering her life to her Savior.  She said that Christians are the mouthpiece of God. God talks to those who don’t know Him through us, thus, we bring change to them as the Lord uses us.

So why must Christians be the greatest communicator? ”Because we have the greatest Message.”  -Donita Rose.

End of talk. 🙂

It actually ended fun and fulfilling. I was kind of frustrated because I didn’t get to have a picture with Ms. Donita Rose, I’m still sad. But then again, she’s a blessing to us.

God bless you Ms. Donita! 🙂


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