NoyNoy, are we really your BOSS?

Kayo ang boss ko.

A very powerful and memorable statement left by our President Benigno Aquino III during his inauguration one year and nine days ago. At that time, people had a burning passion and desire that NoyNoy will be the one to change the bad situation the Philippines is experiencing. Did he live up to your expectations?

At first, the Filipinos’ spirit of hope and change can be smelled everywhere in the country until they just got tired, we got tired of waiting for improvement. PNoy failed to let us see the fast innovation we were expecting. In short, his love life was the one innovated while his country remained stagnant at the bottom.

Empty political rhetoric, that is how I see and describe the statement he left. I am a nobody compared to our President but I am a Filipino youth and I have a say to whatever he does to my country. I was one of those who believed his promises and also, I am one of those he disappointed.

His style of leadership and governance is different from the past administration. If PGMA prefers to announce all her works, PNoy prefers to keep silent about his meetings and activities. Or on the other hand, he might just not have anything to announce. He pledged to ‘set the example’ and to apply the same high standards for those who join his government, I hope in some of the upcoming days, I will feel and se their good example.

PNoy has set different records in terms of presidency in the Philippines such as he is the first president elected in an automated election, first bachelor president and his first lady is his sister. In addition, he might be the first president to have the most love rumors in just one year in his office. 6 girls in a year, how can he handle six girls while being president? Mr. President, can you please give us some advice on how to greatly balance our time.

I love my country and I will choose to love it no matter what. So PNoy, will you please give me more reasons to love my country and to shout to the world that I am a Filipino. You may have disappointed a lot of your people, you may have not met our standards, but we can do nothing but to support you and call your attention to do even better.


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