Ms. Jolie, let’s trade places!

It has been 5 days since my last post so i decided to update…somehow. 🙂
haha! How I wish I was also an actress to have $30 million in my bank!! 😦
ANGELINA JOLIE, can we please switch places just for a day?

Angelina Jolie is now the highest paid actress in Hollywood, she actually tied with Sarah Jessica Parker.

The first movie I’ve watched having Jolie in it was Mr&Mrs. Smith, i was impressed. Because of that movie, i gained interest in her, well, not a really big interest but yeah..:)

It was said the Jolie was the only woman to earn a lot by making action hero movies these days and she is the only woman I know that makes action movies. I’m definitely not into action movies, maybe that’s why I don’t know any other lady who can kick and fly.

Salt is actually the last movie that I know Jolie did, I know it sucks because it went to the Philippine cinema like exactly a year ago(i’m not sure:P). I’m really not updated when it comes to movies…I only watch them in HBO coz I don’t like spending money watching a movie for only one time. I’m cheap.

There are actually only three things I’m certain about Ms. Angelina Jolie:
1.) She is married to Brad Pitt.
2.) She has a lot of adopted kids.
3.) She does action movies.

haha! that’s it.

The Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses in 2011:
1.) Angelina Jolie
2.) Sarah Jessica Parker
3.) Jennifer Aniston
4.) Reese Witherspoon
5.) Julia Roberts
6.) Kristen Stewart
7.) Katherine Heigl
8.) Cameron Diaz
9.) Sandra Bullock
10.) Meryl Streep



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