BREAKOUT: A Ground-Breaking Event

YESTERDAY, July 2, 2011…God’s plan was put to actions. 🙂

After so many weeks of preparations, of never ending prayers and hard work, God has let us witness a ground-breaking event which has led the hearts of so many youths back to Jesus. We have BROKEN OUT.

Our target was to bring at least 7 people in, but the Lord gave us multitudes of youths from more than 7 universities in the Philippines. WHAT A VICTORY. 🙂 Ms. Lopez is a teacher and she required her students to attend our Macronet Celebration entitled BREAKOUT, a great move indeed.

College students brought their classmates as well as those high school students. Stdents from  JCSGO Christian Academy were also required to attend the said event.

Break down of performances:

1.) Sabayang Pagbigkas – i am actually one of the actors in this one and i have got to say, WE WERE AWESOME! haha. kidding aside, the title of our oration is “Paglaya” or in English, To Be Fee/Freedom. The poem is about the youth being enslaved by different vices, wrong friends, and their so-called ‘sweethearts’.

2.) Drama Dance – this is all about how the youth is set free By Jesus. One acted as an insecure youth, another as a beggar and a rebel(i couldn’t remember the other two, sorry).

3.) PREACH! PREACH! PREACH! – the sermon was led bye our Youth Pastor Allen Elefano. Of course, the preaching was about having true freedom, breaking out and being a radical christian.

4.) Testimonies – testimonies from four youths were fearlessly said. one of them is my classmate, Vince Joshua Rodriguez. Through all their struggles, they have found Jesus as their Answer and only Solution.

5.) DANCERS! – a dance number was prepared by the Montalban dancers and the Yutnited Dance Troup. I was in awe after watching Montalban’s number and YDT is as always, AMAZING.

6.) LETS MAKE A CIRCLE. – before everything goes to an end, we wanted to make sure that these youth will be given good care as new Christians. After it, PRAISE! was done to give the glory all to our one and only God.

This was such a blessing and i hope you also get blessed just by reading this. PICTURES will be posted next!

God bless. 🙂


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