Rizal in my Eyes.

A leader, a nationalist and a martyr; he is a herald of freedom, a true man who saw even the significance of women at the period where they were considered useless. He is a man ready to sacrifice his life so that yours will not be wasted and stolen.

That was Dr. Jose Rizal one hundred fifteen years before his death, but who is he now in the eyes of the people he thought most about- the Filipinos, especially the youth.

150 years have passed since he was born, but a lot of people are still interested in knowing more about his life and his works. They could even be called ‘fans’ for they spend most of their time studying Rizal’s life.

Following his footsteps means continuing the legacies he left for us, the legacy of freedom, the legacy of patriotism and the legacy of love for thePhilippines. So as we ascend on being better Filipinos, we must keep in mind the thing Jose Rizal wanted us to do- to love our country.

I am a youth and a senior student in my school and because of that I face a lot of responsibilities and pressure. Sometimes, like Rizal when he was studying in Madrid, I get irritated and annoyed when other students, even some teachers, misinterpret and misunderstand why schools and classrooms were built. A school is built so that the youth will be educated of what is right, for them to socialize with other people and to be disciplined.

JCSGO Christian Academy will be my alma mater in a few months time, but before I leave, I have asked few students from my school on how they view Jose Rizal. One answered, “He is a man of honor, pride and glory for us”. While another answered that he/she does not know anything about Rizal. Very different answers from students that study in the same school.

In 150 years after his birth, there are people who still look up to Jose Rizal while there are those who do not even have a clue who he is. Will the legacy he left will be of any matter now? Are his heroic works and deeds still important in this generation of ours? Will he remain the great Jose Rizal that he was in his time after another 150 years?

If  you ask me these questions, I would say YES. I would say yes not because he is our national hero but because I know that the history of the Philippines is as important as its future. Dr. Jose Rizal is the history and we are the future. We learn from the mistakes of the past and we continue to do the successful things that the past has done.

There will always be a portion of my heart that contains Rizal’s heart.


4 thoughts on “Rizal in my Eyes.

  1. inspiring and deep. so serious for a young girl. don’t forget to have fun and throw caution to the wind. spectacular job! i’m so proud of you!

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